Friday, December 10, 2004

opening entry

Today, I got up @ 7am talked to my dad about my grandad's funeral tomorrow, went to Tara's to help her make breakfast for all the peeps behind CSR, typed a paper as a final exam for LIT, took a Spiritual Formation final that I definitely aced, went with Tara to replace her driver's license and found out I have an unpaid ticket from high school as I tried to renew my own, then I jumped my car's dead battery and attempted to jump tara's but realized her alternater needs changing, then I chilled. That's what I'm doing now. This first entry may be quite pointless, but I simply wanted to get it started. I hope everyone who reads the upcoming blogs makes good use of whatever is read. Hey send me something to put on here. To Anthony in Florida and Johnny in J-city....What's UP!!!

ight yo's