Friday, September 08, 2006

Fresh Off The Mental Press

If you think about it, and please do, the passion that drives myself and my fellow 20-somethings to scream FAIR TRADE across college campuses, city parks, and myspace sites is the same passion that lead fundamentals to legalistic rules and the eventual prohibition of alcohol. In both cases, the general public made the topic a big deal and even capitalized on it. And in both cases, Christians followed along and supported the mission with the Jesus narrative bleeding all over it. According to Rodney L. Reed in Holy with Integrity, these Christians initially rejected alcohol so they wouldn't pour money into a system that perpetually destroys lives. Sounds familiar doesn't it? So are we merely doomed to social and socialistic trends? George Marsden in Fundamentalism and American Culture explains that WWI scared the fundamentalist Christians into turning the passion into legalistic rules so they could freeze time for their followers. I think if Holiness denominations today were to be true to its history, they would add Fair Trade to their legalistic manuals. I wonder how we would react to that. Well let's not be surprised if the next RELEVANT or SOJOURNERS magazine has a picture of pretty 22-year old girls holding a sign that says "Lips That Touch Free Trade Coffee Will Not Touch Ours!" It's a good thing I drink tea. : )

Monday, September 04, 2006

Mi Pelicula Favorita

Thanks to Hutch, I've just come across another movie I would actually buy--I only own two DVD's: Finding Forrester and The Cosby Show 1st Season. I think Dummy reveals the rhythmic off-beat pattern and wonder of post-liberal hope. In some ways this is simply another follow your dream flick, but the the cheap cinematography, the persistence of Jovovich's character, and the odd on conclusion reminds me of the fact that every person is an artist at some point in her life. Every child is an artist. But slowly over time and "maturity" they learn that they are not. I mean, if you work with kindergarteners I dare you to ask, "How many of you are artists?" I'm sure at least 90% would joyfully yell "me!" while stretching their hands way up as if separating their shoulder proved something. But ask an eighth grade classroom or an intro to fine arts class at a university. I bet the response dramatically decreases over time. What happens to the artist within who hopes for the lifelong vocation of beauty? Oh, this movie is hilarious too.