Saturday, October 28, 2006

Horrible News

Sadaam Hussein was sentenced to death today. I shed a tear—yes, for a sinful man. I am not convinced that a sentence to be killed (hanged in this case) heals anything. Well perhaps it fulfills the desire for revenge, but that’s not Gospel. Perhaps it puts a Band-Aid over the fear some may have about what’s happening in the world, but that’s not Good News. That’s Horrible News. If you would like to read this Horrible News, below is a link to the article on the BBC news website. May we be moved to ask, “Is there another Way to live in this world?” and never give in to accepting “No” for an answer. And may we hear Jesus when he says “Do not be afraid,” even if that means living among "wheat AND tares."

(The picture above is from the day they captured Sadaam in Iraq. It's taken from some guys sick website in which death and revenge is glamorized with words like “God bless America.”)

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