Monday, November 13, 2006

memorabilia to throw away.

I remember a time when I would pray for God to help me with a decision and try to discern the answer through the feeling I had by the moment I said, "Amen." I write this because this wrong. It is the result of gnostic influence on Protestant churches. Thank God we (the Church) are currently being purged of such teachings. Christian teenagers around the Western world now have a greater opportunity to live life on earth. Thank God for the Incarnation. Thank God for Jesus who prays and leaves the results to the interaction between human free will and our Holy Spirit. Instead of praying for situations to work the way we want, perhaps we should pray for new hearts; for the very Love of God in our being. Perhaps we can pray for the courage to love and be vulnerable to misfortune. May we live in and among Creation and be thankful.

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